Institute Management System

Institute management system serves everyone involved in the academic process: the administrators who oversees the institutes operations, teachers, students, staff, parents and the staff which gets the processes up and running. By implementing Institute management system, you will improving the quality of education, reach desired academic goals within specific time and cost perimeters. The final outcome is that all the constituents-students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents comes out a winner.

Benefits of Institute Management System

Efficient Course Management

Teachers, students, and parents alike are able to track progress for multiple courses and use their in-class and after-class time more efficiently. This end to end tracking ensures that no child is left behind at any stage of the school year.

Eliminates Paperwork

With institute management system focus where it should be – the student, not inefficient and time-consuming paperwork. Eliminate the redundant data entry work that complicates administrative work in institutions. Instead, use the system that streamlines such processes.

Robust Institute Administration

From admission processes to at a glance access to employee details, and their attendance and leave status, to having access to across the board student records at the click of a button. strong administration results in creating an optimum learning environment for the students.

Partnering with Parents

Parents are increasingly involved in the nitty-gritty of their child’s schooling. Institute Management System allows parents to access their child’s grades, attendance, results, and more at any time, enabling them to make educational decisions more efficiently.

Modules For Institute Management System




Student Information System

From admissions and enrollment to advancement and alumni, anything you need to manage your school or institute of any size. Scholarspace offers a easy to use, customizable and scalable student information system with powerful tools for admission, teaching, assessment and evaluation.





Exam Management

Our Exam Management module is the ultimate exam management, assessment and result publishing tool. You can publish the exam schedule, inform the same to students and parents along with managing the exams. You can also take online assessment and give instantaneous results to students. This will help you in having quick surprise tests to check the preparedness of students at any time.









Library management

Library management system allows you to manage the whole library through our simple and interactive interface. The librarian can manage all the library item details and keep a track on all the books that are issued. Issue fines on late return of the books. All the details of the books such as author name, edition, price, etc can be stored in the school library database.








Curriculum Management

Enables instructors to define learning goals aligned with the curriculum and automatically map lesson plans in academic calendar and improve learning visibility.





Enable instructors to plan, create and modify class schedules, periods and assign classrooms and locations based on requirements. Customize scheduling to add, drop and transfer classes on student schedule.

Attendance Tracking

An easy to use attendance and leave management system for your student and staff attendance. The access to various classes and courses can be controlled by admins or by user roles. It sends immediate notification to students or their parents about the attendance.









 Admission Management

Automate and streamline the admission process from start to finish to find, engage and enroll the right students for your institution.













Fee management

Fee management System is a crucial aspect of a Complete and an efficient Institute Management Software . Fee Management Software presents an automated, highly adaptable and comprehensive solution, which addresses the requirements of institute administration in all types of schools, and at the same time, works well in the interest of the Parents and other School Staff


Digital Diary : Communication tool

Digital diary will help you in communicating to parents efficiently and securely. It can be modified to have one to many or many to many mode of communication. You can send particular notices to all students in one click. Or you can limit it to particular class or group of students.





Classroom Management

Instructors can create different assignment types and assessments to classes. Student can then submit assignments online where instructors can review them with comments, and share feedback with students and parents.






Institute Management System is so much more than a mere option – It is a necessity.