Learning Management System

Learning Management System delivers content and resources to the end user. This method of learning management offers teachers or instructors a way to easily deliver material for studying, while at the same time helps them in monitoring participation and assess performance. LMS have shifted almost all of eLearning to the internet. While learning in its offline form still offers many benefits for students, teachers and institutions, this shift to the online world has expanded its potential.The content is always online, and there is no chance of a student missing a lecture which means a great deal for people on both sides of the classroom.

Benefits of Learning Management System

Online Collaboration

Every member enrolled in your course can access all the learning material since its a cloud based learning management system and all the data is stored on the remote server. This makes Learning Management Systems a natural fit for online collaboration.

Flexible Access from Anywhere

With LMS users are not restricted to one location for a training and can participate remotely from anywhere with any internet connection. The same goes for real time activities – it only requires them to log in and get involved.

Tracks learner progress and performance

LMS gives you the ability to keep track of learner progress and ensure that they are meeting their performance milestones.LMS reporting and analytics tools allows you to pinpoint areas of your course that may be lacking, as well as where it excels.

Reduces learning costs

A LMS gives you the power to completely do away with instructor travel costs, online training site rentals, and printed learning materials. Your online learners can carry out all of their training online, which means that you can save a sizable sum on your learning budget.

Modules For Learning Management System

Learning Portal

With the power of cloud, you get the most sophisticated product to plan and manage your course faster. Upload documents from various places and distribute learning material in standard formats on web and mobile devices. Access, share, track and make revision in files from anywhere and anytime.






Generate Report

Instructors can track students progress and generate customized reports with charts on grades, attendance analysis reports on single mouse click.







Syllabus and Lesson Plan

LMS enables instructors to create online lesson planner for courses and share with students to access the resources in a most secure way from anywhere with a single click.



Online Assessment

LMS provides collaborative tools for online assessment that streamlines the examination process to track evaluation, compare grades and generate dynamic reports with intelligent data analytics.









Manage Assignments

Students can submit the assignments via web and mobile devices. Instructors can evaluate the assignments, assign grades and share the feedback with students in real time.











Real-Time Notification

Stay up to date with the automated notification, alerts and reminders via email, SMS and push notification on various deadlines including submission of assignments, feedback, etc.


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