School CRM System

We provide a CRM system with seamless access to student data in order to strengthen external relation with students.

Feature Tour of School CRM System

A school CRM system helps the institution authority to operate and interact with students, staff members, parents and alumni.

The ultimate aim to design CRM system is for nurturing the academic progress and remove the scheduling complexity associated with the process by importing CRM features.

Data Assessments Made Easy

Generate Data-driven Reports

Create Intelligent Education Management

Support Personalized Learning

Attendance Records

Improve Students, Parents and Admin Communication

Important School CRM Modules

Each CRM is a stand-alone solution for a fully integrated scheduling and help various educational organizations grow revenue and attract prospective students. Consequently, it makes easy for them to receive answers of their questions rapidly.

Attendance Report

To give student analytics and progress review, it creates an attendance report so as to identify student behaviour and generate respond towards potential issues.










Academics Management

It provides an ease to record students’ academic progress. The most profound system helps you report student’s information easily and accurately. In addition to this, it processes a special education system with extracurricular and career planning for each student in the organization.


It’s makes student performance evaluation fast and flexible through quick assessments. Above all, it uses previous reports to drive instructional resources to carry out personalized learning. Teachers can make up the final standard student gradebook by using powerful grading functionality in the system.







Fee Management

The product integrates a mechanism to which one can easily access fees module of the enrolled students. It creates a single platform to carry out the account management and go mobile. Parents are notified about remaining fees and gives timely reminder through apps.


Transfer Certificates

The school CRM issues transfer certificates for students to transfer from one school to another. It makes the entire process easier, faster and time-saving.





Role Management

This feature in CRM cultivates relationships through actions based upon the comprehensive view of students. Various activities are performed to empower students and support them with portal.





Timetable Management

Students can go mobile with preferred communication channel or devices to focus on class scheduling and timetable. With such features, they can help themselves in attending classes and performing important activities at school on timely basis.


Student & Teacher Directory

The system responds dynamically to each user’s experience and needs. It basically stores a bulk of user information that includes personal details, syllabus, progress reports, attendance, schedules and performance remarks and organizes the information related to staff members and faculty of the institution.The CRM implements the functionality to keep record and connect all data into a single place. Gradually, it helps to make real-time data driven decisions.




Manage Library

A library permission is a group of privileges assigned to each member of the School CRM community. It determines the task that a member can perform in a particular school library. Each user can have different permission for each library.





Sports Activity

The school CRM participates in capturing, measuring and automate sport events across campuses to achieve social engagement. It later extends managements features of any educational institution.







Circular Notices

The circular notices refer to public announcements that are made relative to the educational institute, particulars or campaigns. CRM system provides deep solution to let everyone notify about current events, situations or regulation in the organization.



Want to Know More?

Scholarspace provide a better solution to student information system and drive innovation that leads to change in world education. A school CRM system allow us to manage communications among everyone in the institution’s community and help gain insights across student’s lifecycle.